5 Projects that Titanium Oxide is Best Used For

Titanium is one of the most common elements harvested from the Earth, and is also the metal that is most compatible with animals and the human body. Due to its abundance and mostly safe usage, there are many different types of titanium alloys. One particular alloy that is used in a wide range of products and projects is titanium oxide.

Titanium oxide is any compound made up of a combination of titanium and oxygen. The result of fusing the two elements together creates one of the brightest, whitest pigments known to man. This makes titanium oxide a staple in a variety of projects, ranging from implants and toothpaste to sunscreen and roofing materials.
Here are five of the most popular products that use titanium oxide as a base:

Paints and Coatings:

When titanium dioxide is first produced, it is typically black in color due to the impurities in the formation. However, when treated with chlorine, the result is one of the whitest pigments in the world. This makes titanium oxides one of the most popular bases for paints and coating. As an added benefit, titanium oxide is non-toxic, and great for providing UV protection.


The natural UV-protection makes titanium oxides a great basis for producing sunscreen. Besides providing broad-spectrum protection against sunlight, the high biocompatibility with the human body means you can slather on sunscreen without worrying about getting sick. The reason why most common sunscreens are white is because of the titanium oxide integration.


Due to the low-skin penetration and natural abundance, titanium oxides are very common in many cosmetic products. They work great as a coverup for blemishes, and can even act as a bleaching agent in locations, soap, and toothpaste. Titanium dioxide is also non-comedogenic, meaning that it won’t block your pores or cause extra acne to break out when applied to skin.

Food Coloring:

How food looks is almost as important as how it tastes, which is why titanium oxide is used as a food coloring in many different products. Candy, cake, white sauces, coffee creamer, and many other sweets and decorations rely on titanium oxide in order to have a bright, white look. Titanium oxide is very safe to eat when incorporated correctly into food products.


Besides improving the look, there are a number of other benefits that come with incorporating titanium oxide into plastics. This includes UV and light protection, improved heat resistance, and can even enhance the stability and longevity of plastics they’re incorporated into. Plastics, along with similar adhesives and rubber, will be less brittle and prone to cracking with titanium oxide.

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The most popular form of titanium oxide is titanium dioxide. It is estimated that over 98% of commercial products use this specific alloy when incorporating titanium oxide. It has been proven to be easy to produce and safe for use in a wide range of products, ranging from food colorants and sunscreen to plastic and other materials.

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