High Purity Metals and Materials: Fabricated Products

Spare Parts for Mark I and Mark II

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Mark I

Qty CSC# Description
B18002 Front Anode Support
B18003-1 Anode, Graphite
B18003-2 Anode, Stainless Steel
B18004 Back Anode Support
B18005-1 Gas Distributor, Graphite
B18005-3 Gas Distributor, Stainless Steel
B18006 Support Plate
B18007 Manifold
B18008 Plug
BS18010 Hold Down Rod
B18011 Hold Down Knob
B18012 Cathode Connector
B18U13 Cathode Support
B18014 Anode Connector
B18015 Tie Rod
B18017 Socket
B18018 Cable Retainer
B18019 Magnet
B18022 Socket Cover
B18023 Work Station
Al 8026-2 Stainless Steel Disc
A30274 Cathode Filament
B29957 Mark I Cable Assembly
B29957-38 Mark I Cable Assembly, 38”
Hardware and Insulators
1032-20-HH-B-S Screw, Machine, 10-32 X 1-1/4, Hex Head
1032-03-CH-H-S Screw, Machine, 10-32 X 3/16, Cap Head
1032-16-CH-H-S Screw, Machine, 10-32 X 1, Cap Head
1032-H Nut, Hex, 10-32
10-FL Washer, Flat, No.10
SS-200-1-2 Male Connector, 1/8 Tube X 1/8 NPT
SS-2-UT-6 Ultra-Torr Union, 1/4”
1451001 Ruby Sapphire Ball, Dia. 0125”
817490-10 Set Screw, 6-32 X 1/8, Au
A21146-7 Nut, Hex, 10-32, Au

Mark II

Qty CSC # Description
B16923 Pole Piece, Outer
B16927 Alnico-5 Magnet
B16928 Support Plate
B16929 Baffle
B16930 Spacer
B16931-1 Gas Distributor, Graphite
B16931-2 Gas Distributor, 304 Stainless Steel
B16931-5 Gas Distributor, Titianium
B16932 Support, Back Anode
B16933-1 Anode, Graphite
B16933-2 Anode, 304 Stainless Steel
B16934 Support. Front Anode
B16935 Tie Rod, Short
B16936 Tie Rod, Long
B16937 Cathode Connection
B16938 Anode Connection
B16939 Support, Cathode
B16940 Knob, Hold Down
B16944 Retainer, Cable
B16946 Cover. Empty Socket
B16947 Work Station
B16962 Filament, Cathode
A29958 Pin, Alignment
B29959 Screw, Hold Down
B29960 Socket
B29961 Plug
SS-400-1-2 Male Connector, 1/4 Tube X 1/8 Npt
SS-200-1-2 Male Connector, 1/8 Tube X 1/8 Npt
SS-200-2-2 Male Elbow, 1/8 Tube X 1/8 Npt
Regular Hardware
0440-H Nut, Hex 4-40
04-SP Washer, Lock, No. 4
1032-H Nut, Hex 10-32
10-FL Washer, Flat, No.10
10-SP Washer, Lock, No.10
25-FL Washer, Flat, 1/4
1032-03-PH-S-S Screw, Machine, 10-32 X 3/16, Pan Head
1032-CH-H-S Screw, Machine. 10-32 X 2, Socket Head
2520-14-CH-H-S Screw, Machine, 1/4-20 X 7/8, Socket Head