Supply Chain Management

In a rapidly changing world of commerce and the profound globalization of the marketplace it becomes necessary to adjust and develop new tools to further enhance the market position of manufactures and OEMs.

   Over the years DXL has developed a set of tools and strategies to advance the position of Manufacturers and suppliers in the global marketplace and satisfy at the same time the needs of OEMs to manufacture products, ‘second to none’ in a very competitive world.

How We Can Help

Help For OEMs
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  • DXL optimizes cost vs benefit.
  • DXL brings into balance quality, price and service.
  • DXL overcomes long lead times.
  • DXL creates and maintains buffer inventory.
  • DXL does ‘last buy’ for discontinued parts.
  • DXL researches, explores and selects manufacturers.
  • DXL provides worldwide supply.
  • DXL finds alternative sources and manufacturers.
  • DXL delivers Just In Time.
  • DXL stabilizes price structures via US $ over long periods of time.
  • DXL provides additional capacity in allocated markets.
  • DXL finds obsolete parts .
  • DXL does product research, manufacturer evaluation and visits, and market research both domestically and globally.
Help For Suppliers
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  • DXL creates additional business opportunities
  • DXL develops long term relationships
  • DXL contributes to smooth production runs
  • DXL provides short communication channels.
  • DXL eases or eliminates the burden of inventory
  • DXL provides a very strong financial base
  • DXL eliminates the need of export compliance in shipping and billing domestically DXL, USA.
  • DXL eliminates the need of observing currency fluctuations.
  • DXL eliminates global barriers
    • in language
    • in culture
    • in understanding
    • in misinterpretation of physical/chemical units of measurement.

3dprinterEvery dollar we bring to manufacturers is additional sales for him.
Every product we bring to OEM is an additional savings for him.
We promise it will be a pleasure to do business with DXL Enterprises, Inc. Your partner in a global marketplace. 30 years in business is proof.