Unique Challenges In Parceling Computer Systems And Components

Computers and their accessories are one of the most fragile components, which are very difficult to handle during shipping. You might be aware of the delicate traits of CPU, UPS, Monitor, etc., that makes them prone to damage even from little pressure. So, to prevent damages or destruction to the computer systems and components, there are some unique challenges the logistics companies get to face.

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Let’s discuss those challenges and their solutions in depth–

1.Fragile Internal Circuits

The computer accessories have many circuits in them to perform uncountable minor operations. For example, the monitors’ displays are made from glass and are fragile; even a little jerk can damage them. They also have several minute circuit boards inside them to perform the operations. To protect those fragile components, very soft cushions and foams are used all around them in the shipping boxes.

2.Delicate CPU components

There are several intricate components in the CPU, attached altogether very minutely. Even when the CPU is kept static, those components are very hard to prevent from damage due to any small thrust/torque. So, during the shipping, they can easily get destroyed completely. To avoid that, it is better to unassemble those parts before parcelling and then you can separately pack them in separate boxes with heavy cushioning, bubble wraps, and other protective measures.

3. Losses Due To Heat

Most of the CPU components get easily damaged with very little heat exposure. During the shipping procedure, many heat changes occur, making it difficult for the components to survive. The shipping companies need to ensure that the computer components are protected from heat difference and properly packaged. You can also use multiple layers of packaging in this process.

4.Not Using Company Packaging

Usually, the packages provided by the respective manufacturing companies of the computer components are made to not face any internal or external thrust. But mostly, those manufacturer-provided packages are not used, and that leads to damage to the components. So, by using the good quality packages provided by the manufacturers, you can avoid those unnecessary damages.

5.Financial Loss Due To Damage

For whatever reason, when any computer component gets damaged or destroyed, there comes huge expenditure to repair or restore them. And if the shipping process causes those damages, the logistics company usually becomes liable for those financial losses. To avoid that situation, it is better to opt for computer components insurance before shipping them.

6.Not Following Packaging Guidelines

Several guidelines are available for the packaging of wireless computer accessories, small and important components such as SSD, RAM, processor, etc. The guidelines clearly state that those extremely delicate and important components should be properly protected with good quality cushions, foams, etc. If the packaging is not properly done, the components can get damaged, and legally the logistics company will become completely responsible.

7.Damages Caused By Dust

Many internal delicate computer components are much vulnerable to dust. If any dust enters the package, it may cause severe damages to important components like processor, GPU, RAM, motherboard, SSD, etc. The packaging should be leak-proof that no dust can enter the package and harm the components.

8.Inexperienced Workers

Often, when any inexperienced worker handles the packages filled with fragile goods (mainly computer accessories), it can cause severe damage to the computer systems and components. That’s why it is crucial to train the workers and pack the components really well.

These are some unique challenges that logistics companies face during parcelling computer systems and components. But at DXL Enterprise, we provide the best service in any shipping. So, connect with us today to eliminate all the shipping mishaps and transfer your fragile items with ease.