Chemical Procurement – Safety and Best Practices

two corrosive barrels

Industrial production often uses many different chemicals and hazardous substances. In order to procure them and have them go through the supply chain safely, extra care and caution must be taken for all of those that come in contact with them along the journey.

Let’s take a look at chemical procurement and how putting safety and best practices to work for you can prove to be beneficial for all involved. 

Have the Chemicals Clearly Marked

There are so many goods and materials that go through the hands of those who supply, transport, and distribute them. Unless something is unwrapped and visible, most of the time they are not sure what they are handling – instead, they just focus on getting the job done. 

When handling dangerous chemicals, it is so important to ensure that everyone knows that there are risks involved. And the only way to do that is to have the chemicals clearly marked in Dangerous Goods and HazMat packaging. Don’t forget that the IATA certifications need to be completed as well. 

Buy What You Need

Hazardous chemicals are not necessarily safe to have stored in bulk unless they are being used right away. This can pose a threat to your workplace or warehouse storage. Connecting with an experienced chemical procurement team means having everything at your fingertips when you need it. In other words, you won’t have to store extra because you have a reliable source to procure your next shipment when you are ready. 

Know the Rules

There are many rules and regulations concerning the handling and storage of dangerous chemicals. Having an understanding of them and how they relate to your procurement is important. 

If you are unfamiliar, working with a procurement specialist can prove to be very beneficial. 

Purchase Only From Approved Suppliers

You never want to purchase hazardous substances from just any supplier. Not only are you not sure what it is you are investing in, but you don’t know that it will be handled properly. Be particular with who you choose to do business. 

A good idea is to work with a professional procurement team that will handle vetting the suppliers and their ability to deliver quality products in a safe manner. The suppliers and their employees should be knowledgeable about the chemicals and should follow all safety regulations. 

Hire Someone with Logistics Experience

There is a significant difference between someone who is in charge of ordering lumber and someone who is in charge of handling dangerous chemicals. And getting each of these through the supply chain is much different. 

You need to make sure that those involved in the transportation process know how to handle the chemicals. Not just see the package, but be adequately trained in handling them during transport. And, how to properly handle the cleaning once they have been delivered. 

Chemical Procurement at DXL Enterprises

At DXL Enterprises, we can secure nearly any chemical that you need – and have it delivered to you in a safe and secure manner when you need it. Our team has extensive training and knowledge about dangerous chemicals – and we work only with those suppliers that we’ve built relationships with because we know they take steps to reduce risk, too. 

Ready to learn more about chemical procurement solutions? Contact us today at 201-891-8718.