Spare Parts Procurement – What is it & Why is it Important?

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In the manufacturing of your goods, the focus is generally on the bigger picture. You have made sure that you have all the parts you need to create the desired whole. But what happens when you are missing one piece of the puzzle? With an ailing inventory of spare parts, you may just stall your entire manufacturing process. 

While you can purchase spare parts by making an order and covering the cost, the procurement aspect includes everything that happens before, during, and after you make that purchase. It involves feeling confident that you will have what you need to keep your manufacturing process going.  

What are Spare Parts?

You may have a great system in place for procuring everything you need for creating your products, but it is important not to overlook how you create them. There is likely a lot of machinery and equipment involved in doing so. Wear and tear with regular use is eventually going to lead to the need for maintenance and repair. 

And that means needing replacement parts. 

Do you have a collection of spare parts? These are the parts that are needed to keep your equipment functioning properly. You may be able to determine which parts are needed due to historical data and future predictions or based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Trying to get your processes back up and running quickly means having these spare parts or component parts on hand. Otherwise, you could find yourself unable to proceed forward at the same level – if at all – until you get the machine running again. And how long that will take depends on your supplier. 

Establishing Spare Parts Inventory Management

When you create a spare parts inventory management system, you are setting your company up for success. Why? Because it means you will always have everything you need to keep going, regardless of what happens – without having to wait for days, weeks, or even months for a replacement part. 

To get started, it is important to establish what spare parts are needed, as well as the frequency at which you will need them. This way you will know just how many you need to have on hand at any given time. This is going to take time and include some data collection and analysis. Knowing the issues a machine has run into in the past can help you determine whether it may in the future, too. And, if it does, you will be able to be prepared. 

Reviewing the maintenance guidelines given by the manufacturers of your equipment can also help you to decide which spare parts are most critical.

Building Your Spare Parts Inventory 

Once you know just what you need to keep everything moving smoothly, it is time to figure out how to order the spare parts and build up your inventory. You could do this in a way that involves reaching out to each supplier to buy your spare parts, ordering them, and waiting for their arrival. Unfortunately, doing this manually and ordering from random suppliers can lead to slowdowns and backups in the supply chain. 

To properly build up your spare parts inventory, you need to seek out procurement services. This will ensure that you have what you need when and where you need it. This service takes care of securing the part from a supplier and getting it to you so that it can be added to your inventory. 

Don’t spend countless hours trying to follow up with suppliers and hunting down each spare part. Procurement means you will always be ready to go when your machines or equipment need extra attention. And you won’t be left facing any downtime. 

Partnering with a global procurement service can be the missing link that will keep your manufacturing process running smoothly and efficiently. 

Spare Parts Procurement at DXL Enterprises

DXL Enterprises is an established procurement service within the global market. If you are looking for spare parts procurement that will increase your efficiency while decreasing your cost and downtime, we have you covered. 

Build up your spare parts inventory with DXL Enterprises. 

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